FoodLab   Oxitester   PalmOilTester
CDR FoodLab®   CDR OxiTester®   CDR PalmOilTester®
Rapid analysis of multiple parameters in oils, fats, dairy, snacks nuts and eggs producing results correlated to reference methods.   Designed to measure the Acidity (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV) and Polyphenols/Oil Stability Index (OSI) in vegetable oils.   Designed to measure the Acidity (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV) and p-Anisidine Value (AnV) in crude and refined palm oil.
BeerLab   WineLab   CiderLab
CDR BeerLab®   CDR WineLab®   CDR CiderLab®
Measure bitterness, ABV, colour and many other parameters in beer. Also measures minerals in brewing water.   Rapid analysis of multiple parameters in wine and must allowing the winemaking process to be monitored in real time.   The CiderLab is designed to monitor the cidermaking process in real time, managing the treatment of cider and apple juice.
FoodLab   Oxitester   BeerLab
CDR FoodLab Junior®   CDR OxiTester Junior®   CDR BeerLab Junior®
Entry level version of the FoodLab allowing 3 simultaneous tests to be performed rather than 16.   Smaller version of the OxiTester that can measure Acidity (FFA) and Peroxide Value (PV) in vegetable oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, seed oil etc.   Low cost version of the BeerLab, this model is not configured for bitterness but can be supplied as a dedicated water analyser.
WineLab   CiderLab    
CDR WineLab Junior®   CDR CiderLab Junior®    
Can be configured with most of the tests available on the WineLab with some exceptions.   Available with any 3 of the tests from the CiderLab, with the exception of TPI. Additional tests can be added if required.