The BeerLab Junior is a photometric analyser that produces accurate results with no need for calibration. Simple to use, the software guides the user step by step through the test methods and pre-filled reagent vials simplify sample preparation.

Minimal Sample Preparation Simply add the sample to the pre-filled reagent cuvettes.
Multiple Samples Up to 3 samples at a time can be tested.
Calibration Free The analyser is supplied pre-calibrated, no further calibration is required.
Maintenance Free No maintenance is required.
Reduced Waste Costs The tests use low toxicity reagents that do not require special disposal procedures.

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The BeerLab has been assessed by Campden BRI. A key point from the validation report states:
“…in the majority of cases and based on current data there is no statistically significant evidence for a difference in bitterness and alcohol measurements for beer when using the BeerLab Touch versus the reference methods.”